Mario Picayo

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Author and publisher Mario Picayo was born in Cuba. As a child he and his family moved to Puerto Rico and later to the United States Virgin Islands. He now resides in New York, but continues his close relationship with the Virgin Islands, spending part of the year on St. Thomas and publishing the work of Virgin Islands writers and illustrators, as well as the work of other Caribbean authors and illustrators. He is the author of A Very Smart Cat; Four Wishes for Robbie; Fun, Fun One Crab on the Run; The Shark and the Parrotfish and Other Caribbean Fables; and one of the Caribbean’s all-time best selling children’s titles, A Caribbean Journey from A to Y (Read and Discover What Happened to the Z). The last two titles were also published by Editorial Gente Nueva (Havana, Cuba) in Spanish language editions. In 2004 the New York State Assembly made public recognition to his artistic and literary career and to his work as defender and promoter of Latino and Caribbean culture.

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